Friday, July 12, 2013

Video 7:It's The Best Photo of You. Ever

Video 6: Stop doing that thing with your face!!

Video 5: Please say "Yes" or "No"

Video 4:Ellen's Monologue - Jobs

Video 3: Ellen's Monologue - Talking


Watch the video above. Then talk about what it's all about.


Transcribe the video in words by writing in the comment box.

Video 2:Technical Problems

This video was from the Ellen Degeneres Show.
ELLEN DEGENERES is the Host and Executive Producer of the show.

Beloved television icon and entertainment pioneer, Ellen DeGeneres' distinctive comic voice has resonated with audiences from her first stand-up comedy appearances through her work today on television, in film and in the literary world.


"Bacon is good for me!"


Watch the video. Try to understand what they are talking about and what the video was about.
Then answer the questions the teacher might ask from you.

Sunday, July 07, 2013

LESSON 1A:Pronunciation of -ed [t], [d], [Id]

Past tense verbs with an -ed ending are pronounced in three different ways:

[d] or

1) [t] final sound

Verbs ending in voiceless sounds [p, k, θ, f, s, ʃ, tʃ] cause the “-ed” ending to be pronounced as the voiceless [t] (with no vocal chord vibration).

Listen to your teacher and repeat:

[p] “He popped a balloon.” [papt]
[k] “They talked a lot” [takt]
[θ] “th”: “She frothed a cup of milk” [frawθt]
[f] “I laughed at the movie.” [læft]
[s] “She kissed a frog.” [kIst]
[ʃ] “sh”: “We brushed it off.” [bruʃt]
[tʃ] “ch”: “I reached around for it.” [riytʃt]

2) [d] final sound

Verbs ending in the voiced sounds [b, g, ð, v, z, ʒ, dʒ, m, n, ŋ, r, l] cause the “-ed” ending to be pronounced as a voiced [d].

Listen to your teacher and repeat:

[b] “It bobbed up and down.” [babd]
[g] “He begged her to stay.” [bɛgd]
[ð] “She breathed loudly.” [briyðd]
[v] “They loved it.” [luvd]
[z] “We raised her expectations.” [reyzd]
[dʒ] “They bridged the gap.” [brIdʒd]
[m] “I claimed it was mine.” [kleymd]
[n] “They banned new members.” [bænd]
[ŋ] “She banged into the chair.” [bæŋd]
[r] “He cleared it up.” [kliyrd]
[l] “I rolled up the paper.” [rowld]

3) [əd] or [ɪd] final sound

Listen to your teacher and repeat:

[t] “I visited the Empire State Building.” [vɪzɪtəd]
[t] “She edited the research paper.” [ɛdɪtɪd]
[d] “We ended the game early.” [ɛndɪd]
[d] “He breaded the chicken.” [brɛdɪd]

Verbs ending in the sounds [t] or [d] will cause the “-ed” ending of a verb to be pronounced as the syllable [əd] or [ɪd].