Convenience. You do not have to go anywhere or invite a tutor home. Do you do in a comfortable environment for you, wherever you want it!

Efficiency. Classes are conducted by highly qualified teachers with experience of not less than 4 years. The training program is selected for each student individually.

Availability. Compared with individual coaching or training in language schools, learning English with English & Home several times cheaper.

Flexibility of schedule. You are planning a schedule and can do so at any time convenient to you, 7 days a week.

Personal account of the student. You can access your personal account. There you will find information about your teacher, class schedules, library with the necessary learning materials.

Interesting structure of lessons. Lessons are based on live communication in English. Teachers use only modern teaching materials and online resources (videos, movies, songs, audio podcasts).

Selecting a method of communication. We take into account the preferences of our students and offer to hold classes not only on Skype, but also using other applications (Google messenger, MSN).

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